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New Utility Model Could Change How Corporations, Governments Buy Renewables

Written by Letha Tawney on April 19, 2017

Washington-based Puget Sound Energy has launched a novel clean energy program focused specifically on commercial and municipal customers.

Homeowners Searching For Solar Solutions With Aesthetic Impact

Written by Erin Vaughan on April 13, 2017

Curbside appeal is important for homeowners, and some might not like the look of conventional solar panels. Is it time for the industry to embrace more unconventional solutions?

New York VDER Order Is An Important First Step For Solar

Written by Sean Gallagher on March 16, 2017

Moving forward, state leaders should ensure this program is implemented in a way that expands clean energy access and its benefits to all New Yorkers.

Government Partnerships Continue To Boost Solar Projects

Written by Mary Scott Nabers on February 14, 2017

Public-private collaborations across the U.S. have proven to provide benefits to government entities looking to go solar.

The Battle Continues For The Future Of Residential Solar

Written by Erin Vaughan on January 24, 2017

2016 was a turbulent year for the residential sector, as utilities and solar advocates fought over net metering. Is it time to revise incentives and rethink the role of power companies?

Yes, Solar Panels Still Work During Snowy Weather

Written by Dr. Charlie Gay on January 17, 2017

The head of the SunShot Initiative explains why solar can still thrive in the winter and how research is under way to help panels further withstand snowy conditions.

Santa Claus Plans North Pole Microgrid To Flatten ‘Reindeer Curve’

Written by SEPA on December 21, 2016

Editor’s note: The following festive post was republished with permission from the creative folks at the Smart Electric Power Alliance. Santa Claus (DBA Rudolph Red Worldwide LLC) has filed an application with the Arctic Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for a [Read More]

UL Tackles How To Store Solar Using Old Electric Vehicle Batteries

Written by Ken Boyce on December 20, 2016

Second-life electric vehicle batteries are being evaluated for stationary energy storage uses. This can provide important new options to complement solar power and improve the sustainability and functionality of the grid.

What’s Ahead For Community Solar In 2017?

Written by Sara E. Bergan & Andrew P. Moratzka on December 15, 2016

Despite the obvious interest in community solar, 2016 proved to be largely a year of continued rule development rather than significant deployment, according to the authors.

Has Solar Financing Finally Gone Mainstream?

Written by Erin Vaughan on November 01, 2016

The author contends that a new financing option offered by Fannie Mae has the potential to completely transform U.S. residential solar.