Axion Releases Residential Storage System Primed For Solar

Posted by Joseph Bebon on September 08, 2016 No Comments
Categories : Products & Technology

Axion Power International Inc. has released a new residential energy storage system, which features the latest generation of the company’s PbC Batteries and works with inverters from various manufacturers. Power levels are available between 4 kW and 8 kW and can be expanded by paralleling multiple inverters to meet different residential and light commercial needs.

Axion Power says the residential energy storage system adds flexibility and dependability to solar energy use by storing excess production for later use. This allows the homeowner to be energy independent by maximizing self-consumption of solar, avoiding high peak energy rates and providing security in the event of a power outage, the company adds.

Consisting of 15 PbC Batteries, these systems can operate in a partial state of charge and offers rapid recharge. The base 15-battery cabinet provides 7 kWh (20-hour rate) of usable energy storage and can be customized for larger sizes. Each system comes with a five-year full and five-year prorated battery warranty and is designed for more than 10 years of use.

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