California Manufacturer Says Solar Project ‘Just Made Sense’

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 31, 2016 No Comments
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Baker Electric Solar has designed and installed a 167.26 kW rooftop solar project for Meziere Enterprises. Located at the cooling system manufacturer’s 25,000 square-foot facility in Escondido, Calif., the project is expected to reduce Meziere’s annual electricity spend by 60%-70%. In fact, Meziere is slated to save an estimated $60,000 in energy costs in the first year. The system consists of 531 LG 315 60-cell solar modules with 10 SMA inverters.

When asked why Meziere chose to go solar, company partner Don Meziere explains, “We enjoy doing business in Southern California. However, there are some disadvantages to running a manufacturing company here. To be competitive, we need to do everything we can to reduce overhead for the long run. Manufacturing is heavily dependent upon electrical power, and we know we can count on Escondido to be sunny most of the time. Turning that sunshine into energy efficiencies with a five-year payback just made sense.”

“The Meziere solar system is expected to provide more than $1.97 million in net savings over the 25-year warranted life of the solar modules,” says Scott Williams, Baker’s director of commercial solar. “We never lose sight of the impact that predictable energy costs and increased profitability mean to our customers.”

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