Canadian Solar Goes With Ampt DC Optimizers For Utility-Scale Plant

Posted by Betsy Lillian on September 14, 2016 No Comments
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Ampt LLC has announced the deployment of its DC string optimizers in an undisclosed 33 MW solar photovoltaic system for Canadian Solar Inc.

The 33 MW installation capped off a six-month evaluation period by Canadian Solar, which began with a smaller demonstration project. Following the successful demo, Canadian Solar selected Ampt’s technology.

“Our initial work with Ampt surpassed expectations and laid the groundwork for the 33 MW utility-scale installation,” said Ken Rowbotham of Canadian Solar.

Ampt says its patented technology puts voltage and current limits on the output of each optimizer to allow twice the number of PV modules per string and eliminate half of the combiner boxes and associated cable and labor.

Ampt also performs maximum power point tracking on every 20 modules in order to mitigate losses due to mismatch. It also allows the inverter to operate at a high and narrow input voltage range. Ampt says its string-level data reporting via wireless communication helped validate comparison data.

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