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Solar Project Services Shine In A Tarnished Year For Cleantech Investments

Written by Nora Caley on November 06, 2013

Venture capital investors are still seeking high-risk, high-payoff investments, and many are looking at clean energy. That's according to Cleantech Group's investment report for the third quarter of this year (Q3'13). The quarter saw more than $1.4 billion of investment [Read More]

Manufacturer Achieves Net-Zero Grid Usage With 2.4 MW Solar Installation

Written by Jim McMahon on October 30, 2013

The rising cost of energy has forced many manufacturers to focus their sights on innovative ways to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiency in their manufacturing, product lines, distribution and administrative operations. But despite the necessity for better energy [Read More]

Institutional Investors Look Toward The Sun And Away From Fossil Fuels

Written by Nora Caley on October 16, 2013

Anyone who participated in – or read about – the apartheid protests in the 1980s, anti-tobacco actions in the 1990s or the Divest for Darfur efforts in the 2000s may have sensed some deja vu earlier this year. Advocates ranging [Read More]

Native American Tribes Developing Their Lands’ Solar Resources

Written by Nora Caley on October 09, 2013

Native American tribal lands in the sunny, vast regions of the western and southern U.S. seem like ideal places for solar power. Some tribes have built small solar projects, and larger projects have been announced. Nevertheless, solar development on tribal [Read More]

The DOE Contemplates The Dawn Of Global CSP

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on October 03, 2013

The sun rises over the monolith. Cue the Strauss. In September, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System produced its first output of energy when the Unit 1 station was synced to the power grid for the first time. Ranga Pitchumani, [Read More]

Threats and Protection to Solar PV Industry Growth

Written by Don White and Jerry Emanuelson on September 26, 2013

Latest reports indicate the solar photovoltaic industry will produce 5 GW of power in the U.S. and grow 30% in 2013. Little is written, however, about what impact solar storm and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats may have upon the survivability [Read More]

Let It Shine: The 6,000-Year Story Of Solar Energy

Written by John Perlin on September 18, 2013

Charles Pope explains that he wrote his book Solar Heat, published in 1903, because ‘some call to the people is needed … to arouse interest … [in] 'catching the sunbeams' and extracting gold from them.’ To accomplish his goal, he [Read More]

Grounded: Will Licensing Requirements Banish Solar Contractors?

Written by Nora Caley on September 11, 2013

Some solar installers might find that they need more than expertise to remain competitive. Some states have changed, or are proposing to change, rules about who may install solar. In Hawaii, the Contractors Licensing Board recently proposed changing the rule [Read More]

India’s Budget Deficit Threatens National Solar Mission

Written by Bhupesh Trivedi on September 04, 2013

India's financial woes are likely to derail the country's ambitious National Solar Mission, widely seen as a model solar development policy program. The current Indian government's current account deficit (CAD) of $98 billion is steadily rising, as the much-touted gross [Read More]

Plug-And-Play PV Modules Could Cut Soft Costs On Solar Installations

Written by Doug Eakin & David McFeely on August 28, 2013

U.S. solar photovoltaic installation costs appear to be fairly excessive relative to other leading solar markets in Europe. Because labor rates are fairly similar, there must be other factors at work. SolarTech, through a grant from the Department of Energy's [Read More]