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Inverter Innovations In Utility-Scale PV Applications

SI Staff
Written by Jessica Lillian on January 05, 2010

As sizable economic investments, large-scale photovoltaic power plants require components that can reliably deliver a given project's promised energy yield throughout its service lifetime. For inverter manufacturers, addressing this rapidly growing segment of the market demands a departure from their [Read More]

Watts Matter: Maintaining The Performance Ratio Of PV Systems

Written by Ralf Muenster, National Semiconductor on November 17, 2009

The solar industry has historically focused on increasing energy conversion efficiencies at the cell level. However, as the industry matures, commercialization practices have come into play, resulting in an augmented awareness of solutions through balance of system (BOS) improvements and [Read More]

Ontario: The Next Solar Hotbed?

Michael Bates
Written by Michael Bates on October 02, 2009

A little more than a week ago, the government of Ontario revealed the missing pieces of its Green Energy Act and the associated ‘Ten Steps to Green Energy.’ One of those steps – a feed-in tariff – has the potential [Read More]

Navigating The Solar Manufacturing Tax-Credit Application Process

SI Staff
Written by Jessica Lillian on August 27, 2009

In mid-August, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of the Treasury unveiled the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, a new tax-credit offering targeted at the manufacture of renewable energy equipment (e.g., solar cells and modules). Under this [Read More]

Improving Throughput And Cell Quality Through Upgraded Equipment

SI Staff
Written by Jessica Lillian on August 06, 2009

Solar cell material costs will always play a dominant role in manufacturers' budgets and strategies, but selecting the optimal array of equipment – whether for metallization or diffusion or module tabbing and stringing – should not be overlooked for its [Read More]

Does Silicon Availability Threaten a-Si Growth?

SI Staff
Written by Jessica Lillian on July 02, 2009

With their lower-cost manufacturing methods and freedom from silicon shortages, thin-film solar cell technologies have occupied a growing slice of market share, and a great deal of buzz continues to surround amorphous silicon (a-Si), in particular. But considering that the [Read More]

PV Mounting And Tracking Firms Populating The Supply Chain

Michael Bates
Written by Michael Bates on April 06, 2009

Photovoltaic mounting and tracking system manufacturers are seeing the industry grow in a number of areas, which has led these companies to pursue different avenues for getting their products on the market and rounding out supply chains. ‘Commercial rooftops have [Read More]

In-Market Solar Module Manufacturing Finds Many Fans

SI Staff
Written by Jessica Lillian on March 10, 2009

Although the major global manufacturers of solar modules can still expect to continue to see incremental cost reductions and process improvements through changes in their manufacturing techniques, many firms have also begun to more heavily weigh the effects of manufacturing [Read More]