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Environmental Group Calls On Colorado To Aim Higher To Achieve More Aggressive Solar Growth

Written by Nora Caley on December 10, 2014

Colorado could get 20% of its energy from solar power by 2025. That's according to a new report by Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the state's air, water and open spaces. Kim Stevens, campaign [Read More]

Seven Common Sales And Marketing Mistakes That Keep Solar Customers Away

Written by James Tong & Benjamin Sigrin on December 03, 2014

Getting homeowners to go solar is difficult – to say the least. It's expensive and time-consuming, and it's hard to predict who will go solar and why. We've been working on reducing this cost and clearing up the mystery. The [Read More]

Keep Calm, Carry On And Watch The EPA Regulations Like A Hawk

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on November 26, 2014

From a practical standpoint, the U.S.-China agreement on reducing carbon emissions, hailed by many as historic and ‘game-changing’ probably will not have much effect on either nation's day-to-day progress toward a clean energy future. On the U.S. side, essentially all [Read More]

How To Make The Pitch That Owning Residential Solar Beats Leasing

Written by Erin Clark on November 19, 2014

Effective energy policies, economies of scale and new technologies have achieved something remarkable: Solar energy production is now at the scale and cost necessary so that it is affordable for everyone. As prices drop and savings increase, it makes sense [Read More]

Future Utilities May Get Out Of The kWh Business And Focus On Infrastructure

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on November 12, 2014

Hurricane Sandy is proving to have a durable impact on the minds of many energy planners. Not only is it referenced in the desirability for residential and commercial storage systems for providing emergency backup power – ideally in connection with [Read More]

Too Much Information? California Wrestles With Solar Data Collection Responsibilities

Written by Nora Caley on November 05, 2014

In October, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced its proposed decision to change how the California Solar Statistics website will collect data about the state's distributed generation solar installations. California Solar Statistics is a public reporting system run under [Read More]

The Search For Solar Cost Reduction Turns To Racking And Mounting

Written by Aaron Faust & Terence C. Seikel on October 29, 2014

The North American solar sector's overarching goal is to make solar energy a practical, affordable, alternative energy source for commercial and residential applications. To achieve this, prices for balance of system (BOS) components, including solar racking, will need to continue [Read More]

Renewable Energy Supporters Take To The Ballots To Make Solar Power A Hometown Issue

Written by Nora Caley on October 22, 2014

People want renewable energy, and they are willing to pay an excise tax to fund it. At least, that's what advocates for the Lafayette Clean Energy Initiative say about an upcoming ballot issue in a town bordering Boulder, Colo. On [Read More]

Despite Setbacks, Solar Developers Look For Legislatures To Take Up Solar Rate Design

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on October 15, 2014

There is a real sense that solar policymaking in the U.S. is at a crossroads. While a large number of states have adopted renewable portfolio standards, net-energy metering, solarize programs and other measures that have successfully advanced the adoption of [Read More]

Technology Forecasting Offers A Window Into PV Technology Trends

Written by Richard P. Mignogna on October 09, 2014

It can be argued that understanding trends in the efficiency of photovoltaic cells is instrumental to understanding the future economics of solar energy. While unequivocally true, this view often carries the implication that one can do little more than track [Read More]