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Special Tariffs Help Large Companies Benefit From Solar Without Hosting Capacity

Written by Nora Caley on September 24, 2014

Some large companies that are heavy users of electricity may be interested in using renewable energy but are unable or unwilling to install their own distributed generation on-site. Instead, some of these utility customers will opt for special rate options [Read More]

International Climate Change Report Invites Private Capital To Lead On Renewable Energy

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on September 17, 2014

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has dropped a landmark report on its investigation into the effects of climate change and calls for nothing less than a radical transformation of the world economy. Although the alarm bells are [Read More]

GlassPoint Seeks To Make CSP Economical By Bringing It Inside

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on September 10, 2014

There was a time not too long ago when concentrating solar power (CSP) technology was cheaper than solar photovoltaic systems. Back in 2006, when PV installed was $8/W to $12/W, CSP was about $6/W. Energetic and pervasive international policies – [Read More]

As Coal Dims, Solar Will Catch Fire… Eventually

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on September 03, 2014

U.S. clean air regulations seem to be building toward the decline and fall of the coal-fired electricity industry in the U.S. The Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), which became effective in 2005, addresses power plant sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen [Read More]

Massachusetts Pushes Solar Ownership With Loan Program

Written by Nora Caley on August 27, 2014

Homeowners who wish to install solar on their rooftops need money, so they should be able to borrow those funds from their local banks. That's the general idea behind a proposed solar loan program that the Massachusetts Department of Energy [Read More]

Open-Source PVMapper Tool A Cure For The Not-In-My-Backyard Blues

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on August 20, 2014

Wouldn't it be nice to have a map of all the backyards people don't want your proposed solar project in? Working under a $2.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, a group of researchers from universities [Read More]

Research And Patents Predict A Solar-Powered World That Is Closer Than You Think

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on August 13, 2014

Many governments around the world use some variation of the ’20-20-20′ framework for setting renewable energy and efficiency targets. Such a framework, pioneered by the European Union, consists of rules to reduce emissions by 20%, energy consumption by 20% and [Read More]

Conditions And Capital Seem Ready For U.S. PV Manufacturing

Written by Nora Caley on August 06, 2014

Recently, some photovoltaic manufacturers announced plans to produce cells, panels and silicon wafers in the U.S. The solar companies point to various reasons for adding domestic manufacturing to their overseas production or for manufacturing in the U.S. only. In 2013, [Read More]

NREL Banking Group Sheds Sunlight On Residential Solar Financing

Written by Nora Caley on July 30, 2014

If it seems obvious that solar projects run on money, how solar business can put potential customers in touch with money is not always so clear. This is particularly true for the residential solar marketplace, where budgets are often tight [Read More]

Massachusetts Boy Scout Council Raises Funds And Awareness With 6 MW Solar Array

SI Staff
Written by Michael Puttre on July 23, 2014

Founded in 1925, the Treasure Valley Scout Reservation is a 1,600-acre woodland camp in bucolic Rutland, Mass., that offers over 70 miles of trails through a variety of ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Primarily serving the Cub and Boy Scouts of [Read More]