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ABB Launches Integrated Microgrid Solution

Posted by Joseph Bebon on October 10, 2016

ABB has announced a modular and scalable “plug and play” microgrid solution. The Switzerland-based technology company says the solution is relevant for mature and emerging countries and will help maximize the use of renewable energy sources while reducing dependence on [Read More]

NREL Researchers Make Breakthrough On Perovskite Solar Cells

Posted by Joseph Bebon on October 07, 2016

Scientists with the U.S. Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for the first time discovered how to make perovskite solar cells out of quantum dots and used the new material to convert sunlight to electricity with 10.77% efficiency. The [Read More]

Borrego Solar Launches Energy Storage Division

Posted by Joseph Bebon on October 06, 2016

Borrego Solar Systems Inc., a provider of large-scale solar development, design, financing, construction, and operations and maintenance, has announced its entry into energy storage solutions with the launch of a new division. This marks the company’s first-ever formal expansion into [Read More]

Energy Storage Firm Sunverge Offers Demand Charge Management

Posted by Joseph Bebon on October 05, 2016

Sunverge Energy, a provider of energy storage systems for residences and small businesses, has added demand charge management features to its energy management platform. Using predictive analytics, the new algorithm determines the ideal mix of solar PV, storage and grid [Read More]

Hawaiian Electric Launches Flywheel Energy Storage Pilot

Posted by Joseph Bebon on October 05, 2016

Hawaiian Electric Co. and California-based Amber Kinetics have agreed to conduct a joint energy storage pilot project to test the capability of a flywheel system. Amber Kinetics will build and install an Amber Gen2 Model 25 steel flywheel system, a [Read More]

Pika Islanding Inverter Nets ETL Listing To UL-1741 Standard

Posted by Joseph Bebon on October 03, 2016

Pika Energy says its transformerless, grid-forming solar inverters are now listed to the UL-1741 standard and are shipping to customers throughout North America. The UL-listed Pika Islanding Inverter (model X7601) is the most recent of the Maine-based manufacturer’s inverters to [Read More]

aleo Sunrise Starts Cell Production, Parent Eyes U.S. Market

Posted by Joseph Bebon on September 28, 2016

After nine months of construction and renovation, aleo Sunrise GmbH, the subsidiary of module manufacturer aleo solar GmbH, has started production of its PERC solar cell CELCO technology in Germany. Using the cells, aleo solar GmbH has begun delivering 60-cell [Read More]

Hawaii Turns To Energy Storage To Help Integrate Renewables

Posted by Joseph Bebon on September 27, 2016

Hawaiian Electric Co. has placed into service its first utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS), a 1 MW battery located at the Campbell Industrial Park generating station on Oahu. The BESS is a joint demonstration project by the Hawaii Natural [Read More]

Rooftop Equipment Provider PHP Launches Solar Mounting System

Posted by Joseph Bebon on September 23, 2016

PHP Systems/Design, a Houston-based designer and manufacturer of rooftop pipe and equipment support systems, has added a solar panel mounting system to its line of products to meet market demands. “The solar panel mounting system is a product we previously [Read More]

U.S., Canada Utilities Sign Up For Microgrid Initiative

Posted by Joseph Bebon on September 22, 2016

Toronto-based Opus One Solutions says it is leading a $16.4 million project aimed at driving the development of technology to improve the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar, wind and storage, into the grid. Specifically, the initiative [Read More]