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Sterling Planet Provides Renewable Energy For Super Bowl XLI

Posted by SI Staff on February 01, 2007

Atlanta-based Sterling Planet has partnered with the National Football League (NFL) Environmental Program and the Florida Power & Light (FPL) Sunshine Energy program for business customers to make Super Bowl XLI a 100% renewable energy event. Through the partnership, Sterling [Read More]

SolarOne Solutions Announces 60% Improvement In LED Lamp Efficiency

Posted by SI Staff on February 01, 2007

Framingham, Mass.-based SolarOne Solutions, a provider of energy-efficient lighting systems, has introduced the new HL600 lamp, a solar light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system that is 60% brighter and uses the same amount of solar energy compared to the standard. The [Read More]

NMI Study Shows Renewable Energy Purchases In 2005

Posted by SI Staff on February 01, 2007

The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a Harleysville, Penn.-based provider of research and consulting services, has conducted research with Silvercliffe Media of Lafayette, Colo., and found that the U.S. lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS) market for 2005 was $209 billion. [Read More]

Ascent Solar Appoints Member To Board Of Directors

Posted by SI Staff on January 31, 2007

scent Solar Technologies Inc., a Littleton, Colo.-based developer of thin film photovoltaic materials, has appointed Richard J. Swanson to the its board of directors. Swanson is the president and founder of Real Estates Associates Inc., which has acquired or developed [Read More]

SPP Introduces Hawaiian Solar Energy Fund

Posted by SI Staff on January 30, 2007

Mill Valley, Calif.-based Solar Power Partners Inc. (SPP), a developer, owner and manager of a network of commercial solar energy facilities, has established SPP LLC2, a renewable energy fund for investing in Hawaiian commercial solar energy facilities. SPP LLC2 is [Read More]

Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission Selects APX To Manage The State’s RES

Posted by SI Staff on January 30, 2007

The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission has selected APX Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif.-headquartered provider of renewable energy solutions, to manage the state's new renewable energy standard (RES). Starting in compliance year 2007, under the new standard, Rhode Island load [Read More]

Dangoor Joins ICP Solar’s Board of Directors

Posted by SI Staff on January 30, 2007

Montreal, Canada-headquartered ICP Solar Technologies Inc., a developer and manufacturer of solar cells and products, has appointed David Dangoor director of the company's board. Dangoor is president of Innoventive Partners LLC and a managing partner of Cato Dangoor & Associates [Read More]

SMUD And Elk Grove Form Solar Incentive Program

Posted by SI Staff on January 29, 2007

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), a Sacramento, Calif.-based electric utility, is partnering with the city of Elk Grove, Calif., in a new program that provides financial incentives for residents to install solar electric systems on existing homes. The city [Read More]

Boulder Solar Energy Expert Creates New Company

Posted by SI Staff on January 29, 2007

Rande Treece, a solar energy expert with 15 years of experience, has created Astralux Environmental Solutions, a Boulder, Colo.-based company that advises on, sells and installs solar energy systems for homes and businesses throughout the state. According to Treece, the [Read More]

Sharp Introduces Triple-Stacked Solar Cells

Posted by SI Staff on January 26, 2007

Sharp Corp., an Osaka, Japan-based producer of solar and electronic products, has developed mass-production technology for triple-stacked thin film solar cells. The company turned a conventional two-active-layer structure (amorphous silicon plus microcrystalline silicon) into a triple-junction structure with amorphous silicon [Read More]