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Solis Energy Debuts New Product Suite

Posted by SI Staff on August 27, 2007

Solis Energy has introduced its Solar Power Plant SPP Series, a suite of products designed to provide easy and immediate access to 100% power necessary to run low-wattage devices (typically 100 W or less) at any location. The new series [Read More]

Veeco’s New PV-Series Thermal Deposition Sources

Posted by SI Staff on August 23, 2007

Woodbury, N.Y.-based Veeco Instruments Inc. has introduced a line of new production-scale PV-Series Thermal Deposition Sources, enabling copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin film solar manufacturers to transition from pilot to full-scale solar cell production. Veeco's new line of thermal [Read More]

Advanced Energy Industries Unveils New Inverter Line

Posted by SI Staff on August 21, 2007

Advanced Energy Industries Inc. is extending its portfolio of solar offerings with the new Solaron line of photovoltaic (PV) inverters. Designed for the North American market, the first model of the Solaron platform offers a transformerless, grid-tie design. According to [Read More]

Verde Energy Presents Solar Sales Video

Posted by SI Staff on August 14, 2007

Verde Energy, headquartered in Austin, Texas, has released a video designed to introduce solar electric systems to a mainstream audience. The 14-minute video, ‘Buying A Solar Electric System,’ was produced by The Sustainable Media Network and is available on Verde [Read More]

Microsemi Corp. Debuts Octet Of Solar Inverters

Posted by SI Staff on August 08, 2007

Microsemi Corp., based in Irvine, Calif., has introduced a new line of standard power modules for solar inverters utilizing its SP3 package. The eight new Microsemi solar inverter modules feature full bridge configurations combining low saturation Trench and Field Stop [Read More]

Carmanah Introduces EverGEN Solar Engine

Posted by SI Staff on July 30, 2007

Carmanah Technologies Corp., Victoria, British Columbia, has introduced the EverGEN solar engine. Available in five models ranging from 10 to 80 watts in power, EverGEN solar engines are self contained, solar-powered energy sources designed for locations where grid-supplied electricity is [Read More]

Xantrex Offers New Grid Tie Inverters

Posted by SI Staff on July 13, 2007

Vancouver-based Xantrex Technology Inc. has introduced its Xantrex GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverter line-up, including single-phase and three-phase products. Xantrex GT Series inverters are available in power levels from 2.5 kilowatt (kW) to 250 kW models, tailored to meet [Read More]

PV Powered Introduces New Commercial Solar Power Inverter

Posted by SI Staff on July 03, 2007

PV Powered, a Bend, Ore.-headquartered solar power equipment manufacturer, has released the PVP30kW inverter, which features a 94% CEC efficiency rating, a modular design and built-in data capture for performance monitoring. The unit is ideal for commercial PV projects up [Read More]

Xantrex Introduces Battery-Based Solar Power System

Posted by SI Staff on June 27, 2007

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Xantrex Technology Inc. has released the Xantrex XW System, a fully integrated battery-based system designed for residential and commercial solar and backup power applications. Targeting indoor installations ranging from 4kW to 18 kW, the Xantrex XW System [Read More]

Unity Opto Begins Production Of Solar-Powered LED Street Lights

Posted by SI Staff on June 27, 2007

Taipei, Taiwan-based Unity Opto Technology has started producing solar-powered street lamps that use light-emitting diode (LED) technology. According to the company, Unity Opto's solar-powered street lamps utilize two key components: an LED light source and a solar panel. The LED [Read More]