DEGERenergie Exits CPV Sector, Calling Technology ‘Unprofitable’

Posted by SI Staff on March 12, 2012 No Comments
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Germany-based PV tracker manufacturer DEGERenergie says it will cease production of its DEGERtraker 3000CT and 5000CT concentrated PV (CPV) tracker systems and halt sales in the CPV sector.

‘The increased yield [that] can be achieved with concentrator technology bears no reasonable proportion to the additional expenditure and does not justify the high development effort,’ explains Michael Heck, vice president of sales and marketing at the company.

The CPV projects that have been repeatedly requested over the years have never proceeded beyond the status of prototypes at the producers of CPV modules, DEGERenergie adds.

‘A profitable business with these systems is unlikely in the foreseeable future,’ Heck says. DEGERenergie plans to instead focus its business on standard PV.

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