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Precision Process Equipment Releases Flexible Substrate Plating Technology
by SI Staff on 26 Sep 2008
Precision Process Equipment has introduced its Excellite FSP flexible substrate plating technology for photovoltaic manufacturing. The company says Excellite FSP is a roll-to-roll, continuous-strip electroplating and wet processing system. It [read more]
Five Star Technologies Introduces ElectroSperse Solar Inks
by SI Staff on 26 Sep 2008
Five Star Technologies, a company focused on fine-particle dispersions for functional inks, has released its ElectroSperse S series of solar inks for use in crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. Five Star [read more]
G3 Technologies Introduces New Wireless Monitoring Solution
by SI Staff on 25 Sep 2008
G3 Technologies has introduced its RioExpress Specialized Wireless I/O, the latest addition to the company's line of wireless monitoring solutions. The unit is optimized for outdoor, alternative-power-use applications, and has [read more]
Scapa Offering Acrylic Foam Tapes For Solar Module Assembly
by SI Staff on 24 Sep 2008
Scapa North America is offering a line of high-performance acrylic foam tapes used to assemble solar panels and photovoltaic modules. The products provide permanent, reliable bonds to glass, foil, metal, [read more]
RESOL Introduces GA3 For Solar Thermal Systems
by SI Staff on 24 Sep 2008
RESOL has introduced its large-display GA3 mounted display module for monitoring and visualizing the collector temperature, storage tank temperature and energy yield of a solar thermal system via one six-digit [read more]
SolFocus Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic Panel CEC Approved
by SI Staff on 23 Sep 2008
SolFocus says its flagship commercial product, the SF-1000P concentrator photovoltaic panel, has met the reliability and safety standards of the California Energy Commission (CEC) and has been approved by the [read more]
True North Introduces Pedestal Solar Mounting Solutions
by SI Staff on 19 Sep 2008
True North Power has introduced pedestal solar mounting solutions featuring the company's proprietary Channeloc aluminum extrusions and stainless-steel hardware, which offers 360-degree horizontal and vertical adjustment capabilities. The company says [read more]
Onset Releases Solar Hot Water Monitoring Kit
by SI Staff on 17 Sep 2008
Onset Computer Corp. has released three new HOBO LEED Monitoring Kits - one of which is designed to measure and document boiler/solar hot water heater performance. "The ability to accurately [read more]
Suniva Develops 20-Percent Efficient Silicon Solar Cells
by SI Staff on 17 Sep 2008
Suniva Inc., a manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cells, says its R&D team has developed several silicon solar cells that exhibit 20% conversion efficiencies using a patented combination of simple [read more]
Advantage For Analysts Releases New Version Of Partnership Solution Set
by SI Staff on 17 Sep 2008
Advantage for Analysts has released version 4.0 of its Partnership Solution Set for structuring, analyzing and tracking tax equity partnership flip financings for renewable energy projects. The company says the [read more]
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