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Apollo Solar Develops TrueSineWave PV Inverter/Charger
on 12 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Apollo Solar, a designer and manufacturer of power conditioning and control electronics for solar energy systems, has made available its TSW2212, TSW3224 and TSW3648 TrueSineWave inverter/chargers. Each inverter/charger includes a [read more]
Solectria Releases New Line Of String Combiners For PV Systems
on 12 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Solectria Renewables has introduced a line of heavy-duty string combiners that include a choice of preinstalled 600 VDC fuses for commercial and industrial photovoltaic systems listed to UL1741/IEEE1547. The 8, [read more]
Spire Introduces Integrated 25 MW Solar Cell-Module Line
on 12 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Spire Corp., a global company providing solar factories and capital equipment, has introduced a fully integrated, 25 MW cell-module turnkey photovoltaic production line. The company says the system has been [read more]
Caleffi Introduces Adjustable Thermostatic Mixing Valve For Solar Systems
on 12 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Caleffi has introduced its 252 Series adjustable thermostatic mixing valve for solar systems. The company explains that because temperatures in a solar system storage tank can vary considerably, it is [read more]
TrendSetter Solar Collector Receives SRCC Certification
on 12 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
TrendSetter Solar Products says its new evacuated tube solar collector has passed Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC) testing requirements. First introduced in June 2007, the company's collector was submitted [read more]
OutBack Introduces FLEXware Advanced PV Combiner Box
on 11 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
OutBack Power Systems Inc. has introduced its FLEXware Advanced PV Combiner Box for off-grid, grid-tie, residential, commercial and utility PV installations. OutBack says the new product is expected to cut [read more]
Global Solar Introduces PowerFlex Solar Strings
on 11 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Global Solar Energy has launched its PowerFlex Solar Strings product, which provide a pre-connected format to integrate copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film solar cells. Global Solar says the new [read more]
Edwards Launches Sirius 6000 Abatement System
on 11 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Edwards, a supplier of vacuum and abatement equipment and services, has introduced its Sirius 6000 abatement system, which addresses greenhouse gas abatement challenges arising from dielectric and polysilicon etch processes. [read more]
Enphase Energy Releases Solar Micro-Inverter System
on 10 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Enphase Energy Inc. has released its Enphase Energy Micro-inverter System, which uses advanced technologies to maximize energy harvest and increase the reliability of solar systems. In addition, the Enphase Micro-inverter [read more]
Lumeta Launches Line Of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics
on 09 Jun 2008 by SI Staff
Lumeta Inc. has launched a full line of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules, manufactured by Suntech, for the residential and commercial markets in Europe. Developed by the leaders of parent group [read more]
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