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GSE Evacuated Tube Solar Collector Garners CSA Certification
by SI Staff on 02 Dec 2008
Toronto-based Globe Solar Energy Inc. (GSE) says its IP-195 evacuated tube solar collector has achieved certification from CSA International, an organization focused on product testing and certification. The IP-195 - [read more]
Danfoss Solar Inverters Releases TripleLynx String Inverters
by SI Staff on 01 Dec 2008
Danfoss Solar Inverters has introduced its TripleLynx series of 10 kW to 15 kW string inverters, which the company suggests is a viable alternative to central-inverter solutions. TripleLynx inverters combine [read more]
Virtual Industries Introduces Molded Solar/Wafer Tips
by SI Staff on 01 Dec 2008
Virtual Industries Inc., a supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions, has introduced a line of angled tips designed for the manual handling of solar cells and wafers. The PEEK material [read more]
RESOL Heat Meter Incorporates Density And Heat Capacity Calculations
by SI Staff on 26 Nov 2008 email the content item print the content item
RESOL has introduced to the solar market its WMZ product, a universal heat meter for solar thermal systems and conventional heating systems. The calorimeter takes into consideration that the density [read more]
New Collector Panel From Heat Transfer Products
by SI Staff on 24 Nov 2008 email the content item print the content item
Heat Transfer Products has unveiled a new 30-tube solar collector panel that will deliver up to 39,000 Btu per panel per day, depending on available sunlight. The collectors are engineered [read more]
1 MW Battery System Is Available For Commercial Operation
by SI Staff on 24 Nov 2008 email the content item print the content item
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (Altairnano) says its 1 MW 250 kWh battery storage system has met requirements to participate in the PJM Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) control area, marking the first [read more]
Your Solar Home Offering Dual-Mode Solar Thermal System
by SI Staff on 19 Nov 2008
Your Solar Home Inc. has introduced SolarSheat Hot Water - a dual-mode space-heating and domestic solar hot water system for residential use. The system is a self-contained, non-glycol-based solution, which [read more]
3G Auto Tracking Device For Solar Power Generation Is Released
by SI Staff on 19 Nov 2008
A China-based technology expert has introduced the 3G auto tracking device for solar power generation. The product is designed to yield a 44% increase in solar panel power output, compared [read more]
Sono-Tek Introduces SonicSyringe Ultrasonic Dispersion Syringe Pump
by SI Staff on 19 Nov 2008
Sono-Tek Corp. has introduced the SonicSyringe ultrasonic dispersion syringe pump, which is designed to quickly disperse particles in a mixture and hold them evenly suspended for several hours or more. [read more]
Micro-tec Introduces Automated Print System For Crystalline Solar Cells
by SI Staff on 18 Nov 2008
Micro-tec Company Ltd. has introduced its MTSC-2636TVC automated multi-layer print system for crystalline solar cells to the North American solar cell fabrication market. This multi-layer screen-printing technology is applicable to [read more]
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