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Komax Group Presents New XCell 3400
by SI Staff on 10 Sep 2008
The Komax Group, headquartered in Dierikon/Lucerne, Switzerland, has introduced the XCell 3400 stringer, which features a soldering head with non-metallic ceramic hold-down pins and contactless thermal feedback. Komax says this [read more]
Power-One Introduces Aurora String Combiners For Solar PV Systems
by SI Staff on 08 Sep 2008
Power-One Inc., a provider of power conversion and management solutions, has introduced its Aurora String Combiners. These commercial-grade products support paralleling and integrated current measurement for up to 20 photovoltaic [read more]
KLA-Tencor Introduces New Monitor-Wafer Inspection System
by SI Staff on 05 Sep 2008
KLA-Tencor Corp. has introduced the Surfscan SP2XP, a new monitor-wafer inspection system featuring improved sensitivity to defects on silicon, poly and metal films and an enhanced ability to sort defects [read more]
Newport Releases Thin-Film Solar PV Laser Scribing Systems
by SI Staff on 04 Sep 2008
Newport Corp., a provider of laser and photonic technologies, has released a series of products within its SolaryX family of thin-film photovoltaic laser scribing systems. The SolaryX 1600P system is [read more]
OPEL International Solar Panel Receives CE Qualification
by SI Staff on 04 Sep 2008
OPEL International Inc. says testing of its Mk-I high-concentration PV solar panel recently verified that the product qualifies under the provisions of the IEC 62108 standard. OPEL says the Mk-I [read more]
Evolution Solar Planning New Line Of Energy Conversion Appliances
by SI Staff on 04 Sep 2008
Following its recent acquisition of China-based R&D company Synergy Development, Evolution Solar Corp. has unveiled plans for developing a complete line of solar-powered air conditioning and heating units. The company [read more]
Solland Solar Develops Novel Cell Technology
by SI Staff on 04 Sep 2008
Solland Solar, a solar cell producer based in The Netherlands, has developed its Sunweb photovoltaic cell. By concentrating the generated energy to the back of the cell, Sunweb can offer [read more]
Fibox Offers Optional Mounting Flanges For Enclosures
by SI Staff on 04 Sep 2008
Fibox Enclosures has expanded its ARCA enclosure product line with the addition of optional mounting flanges. These flanges, used in pairs, are available for all seven ARCA enclosure sizes and [read more]
Satcon Releases PowerGate Plus 1 MW Solar PV Inverter System
by SI Staff on 03 Sep 2008
Satcon, a provider of utility-scale distributed power solutions, has released its PowerGate Plus 1 MW commercial PV inverter system. The company is now taking orders for the product, which is [read more]
Lumos Solar Develops PowerPort Solar Carport
by SI Staff on 03 Sep 2008
Lumos Solar has introduced the PowerPort Solar Carport - a freestanding, two-car carport that integrates bifacial solar panels manufactured by Sanyo into its structure. The technology is Lumos' latest offering [read more]
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