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Indium Corp. Develops New Metallization Paste For Solar Cells
on 01 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Indium Corp. has developed OnSpec LTTF-6363 - a low-temperature metallization paste featuring superior adhesion to a solar cell's transparent conductive oxide layer and low contact resistance, resulting in high conductivity. [read more]
Sonobond Ultrasonics Introduces Modular Welding System For Solar
on 01 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Sonobond Ultrasonics has introduced its MS-5010B Foil Splicer Modular System - an ultrasonic welding system for the production of photovoltaic solar cells. The product features a new solid-state power supply [read more]
DuPont Develops Technology To Simplify Solar PV Backsheet Production
on 30 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials has developed a proprietary technology to produce PV backsheets containing DuPont Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) polymer in a single step. The company has signed a licensing agreement [read more]
Day4 Energy Develops Higher-Efficiency Solar PV Cells
on 30 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Day4 Energy Inc., a manufacturer of solar PV modules, says it has developed a design and manufacturing process for its Generation II solar cells, with conversion efficiencies up to 19% [read more]
Hesse & Knipps Introducing New Wire Bonder For Solar Applications
on 28 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Hesse & Knipps, a manufacturer of high-speed, fine-pitch wedge bonders for the back-end semiconductor industry, is introducing a new wire bonder dedicated to the needs of the solar market in [read more]
RESOL Introduces DeltaSol DB Controller For Drainback Systems
on 25 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
RESOL has released the The DeltaSol DB differential temperature controller for drainback systems, available in four different versions suited to any drainback system. The DeltaSol DB/3, for instance, has two [read more]
Solar EnerTech Obtains VDE Certification For Solar PV Products
on 24 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Solar EnerTech Corp. has obtained VDE certification for its photovoltaic cells and applications, indicating their conformity with VDE standards and confirming compliance with the protective requirements of applicable European Commission [read more]
JPSA Brings Solar Thin-Film Laser Workstation To Market
on 23 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
J.P. Sercel Associates (JPSA) has initiated delivery of its newly introduced PV-5000 laser workstation for processing solar thin-film photovoltaic products. The company says it will sell these systems to PV [read more]
The Poulek Solar Co. Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Concentrator
on 23 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
The Poulek Solar Co. has developed its new Super TRAXLE 5X concentrator, designed to optimize the trade-off between photovoltaic energy gain and temperature. According to the company, the high-temperature, ultra-clear [read more]
Allied, RoofScreen Partner To Deliver Solar PV Mounting Solutions
on 22 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Allied Tube & Conduit and RoofScreen are partnering to provide the solar industry with a cost-effective photovoltaic mounting solution based on Allied's Gatorshield tubing and RoofScreen's frame technology. "The strength [read more]
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