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3TIER Introduces High-Res Solar Map For Western Hemisphere
by SI Staff on 13 Oct 2008
As part of its REmapping the World initiative, assessment and forecasting specialist 3TIER has released the first comprehensive, contiguous and high-resolution solar map for the entire western hemisphere. "To produce [read more]
REC Group Releases SCM Series Solar PV Module To U.S. Market
by SI Staff on 13 Oct 2008
REC Group has released its SCM Series module - a photovoltaic panel featuring specially treated glass and unique locking connectors - to the U.S. market. "This module embodies REC's unique [read more]
Tyco Electronics Introduces Micro SOLARLOK Interconnection System
by SI Staff on 13 Oct 2008
Tyco Electronics has introduced its Micro SOLARLOK interconnection system - designed for space-efficient thin-film and roof-shingle photovoltaic applications - which consists of a miniature, low-profile junction box with integral leads. [read more]
Ubbink Econergy Solar Designs New Photovoltaic Mounting System
by SI Staff on 10 Oct 2008
Ubbink Econergy Solar has developed the FastConSole solution: a photovoltaic mounting system designed for flat-roof installations. The mounting system is an enhancement to the company's ConSole product. The system consists [read more]
ASYS Releases SEI01 Laser Edge Isolation System
by SI Staff on 10 Oct 2008
ASYS has enhanced its metallization line portfolio with the release of the SEI01 laser edge isolation system, which features a throughput of 1,200 cells/hour and an advanced optical system that [read more]
SCHOTT Solar Offering 225 W Solar Photovoltaic Module For U.S. Market
by SI Staff on 09 Oct 2008
SCHOTT Solar has developed a new 225 W polycrystalline photovoltaic module that will be manufactured at the company's new solar manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, N.M. The SCHOTT Solar Poly 225 [read more]
Advanced Energy Industries Releases 500 kW Solar Inverter
by SI Staff on 08 Oct 2008
Advanced Energy Industries Inc. (AE) has introduced its newest Solaron offering: a 500 kW, utility-scale, transformerless, grid-tie photovoltaic inverter. Extending the Solaron portfolio beyond inverters for commercial and small-scale utility [read more]
MTG Moltec Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Interconnect System
by SI Staff on 08 Oct 2008
MTG Moltec has introduced its new Quik-Fit II Solar Array Interconnect System (SAIS), which was developed through direct efforts with developers and installation contractors to reduce the costs of materials [read more]
Lorex Industries Introduces Dopant Mixing System
by SI Staff on 07 Oct 2008
Lorex Industries has introduced its Dopant Mixing System (DMS), which better fulfills the needs of silicon and compound semiconductor manufacturing for improved doping process control. The DMS allows users to [read more]
Solyndra Develops Solar Photovoltaic System For Commercial Rooftops
by SI Staff on 07 Oct 2008
Solyndra Inc. has released a new solar photovoltaic system for the commercial rooftop market that is designed to generate significantly more solar electricity on an annual basis from typical low-slope [read more]
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