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Ultrasonic Systems Introduces Solar Photovoltaic Coating System
on 12 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Ultrasonic Systems Inc. (USI) has introduced the PV360 - a production coating system for the application of solutions to photovoltaic wafers. The system features USI's proprietary nozzle-less spray technology, which [read more]
UNI-SOLAR Approves Sputnik Engineering Inverters For Thin-Film Modules
on 07 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Solar module manufacturer UNI-SOLAR has approved Sputnik Engineering AG's SolarMax S transformerless inverters for use with its thin-film modules. All UNI-SOLAR modules - both branded and OEM products - can [read more]
PV Powered Integrates Monitoring Solutions Into Solar Inverters
on 07 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
PV Powered, a manufacturer of solar power inverters, is offering integrated monitoring solutions from Draker Laboratories, Energy Recommerce and Fat Spaniel for its products. The solutions are pre-wired and tested [read more]
Ingres Technology Supporting SunPower Solar Operations
on 05 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
SunPower Corp. has selected Ingres Corp., a provider of open-source database management software and support services, to support its solar manufacturing operations. SunPower, which specializes in solar cells, panels, roof [read more]
VLSI Standards Offers Solar Calibration Product For Simulators
on 05 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
VLSI Standards Inc., in concert with the opening of its solar calibration laboratory in San Jose, Calif., has released its first solar calibration product: the Solar Reference Cell. The company [read more]
Energy Innovations Sunflower Solar Concentrator Certified By UL
on 04 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Energy Innovations Inc. says its flagship product, the Sunflower Solar Concentrator, has received certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and is authorized to carry the UL Mark (under the Concentrator Photovoltaic [read more]
DuPont Develops New Paste For Front-Side Solar PV Cell Metallization
on 04 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
DuPont Microcircuit Materials has introduced Solamet PV159 thick-film metallization paste for front-side photovoltaic solar cell metallization. The company says customers who have sampled Solamet PV159 have seen up to a [read more]
Indium Corp. Develops New Metallization Paste For Solar Cells
on 01 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Indium Corp. has developed OnSpec LTTF-6363 - a low-temperature metallization paste featuring superior adhesion to a solar cell's transparent conductive oxide layer and low contact resistance, resulting in high conductivity. [read more]
Sonobond Ultrasonics Introduces Modular Welding System For Solar
on 01 Aug 2008 by SI Staff
Sonobond Ultrasonics has introduced its MS-5010B Foil Splicer Modular System - an ultrasonic welding system for the production of photovoltaic solar cells. The product features a new solid-state power supply [read more]
DuPont Develops Technology To Simplify Solar PV Backsheet Production
on 30 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
DuPont Photovoltaic Fluoromaterials has developed a proprietary technology to produce PV backsheets containing DuPont Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) polymer in a single step. The company has signed a licensing agreement [read more]
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