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Silicon Genesis Develops PolyMax Solar Wafering Process Technology
on 11 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Silicon Genesis has successfully produced solar substrates for the PV industry using a kerf-free wafering process technology called PolyMax. By eliminating sawing losses, the PolyMax equipment set can substantially reduce [read more]
Solar Integrated Offering M2 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Product
on 10 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Solar Integrated Technologies Inc., a provider of building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems, has launched its new M2 product specifically designed for metal roofing applications. The M2 product is made of flexible [read more]
Deep Photonics Releases New Laser Oriented To Solar Photovoltaics
on 10 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Deep Photonics Corp., a technology company manufacturing deep ultraviolet fiber laser solutions, has introduced the FLP-266-PPP: a two-watt picosecond 266 nm fiber laser featuring adjustable pulse width, pulse burst packets [read more]
IXYS Expands Super-Junction COOLMOS CP Series
on 10 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
IXYS Corp. has expanded its super-junction COOLMOS CP series of MOSFETs, which are integrated in the IXYS ISOPLUS package. ISOPLUS technology gives designers a standard discrete housing with ceramic, direct [read more]
Applied Materials Launches Applied E3 For Solar PV Process Control
on 10 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Applied Materials Inc. has released Applied E3, an equipment and process control solution and factory automation software package designed to improve productivity and reduce costs in photovoltaic solar cell manufacturing. [read more]
LINAK Introduces Actuator Solutions For Solar Tracking Systems
on 10 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
LINAK, a manufacturer of DC linear actuator products, has introduced a family of actuator solutions for solar tracking systems. In either a single- or dual-axis tracking systems, LINAK solutions can [read more]
Rheem Offering Solaraide Solar Water Heating Systems
on 09 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Rheem Manufacturing Co. is now offering solar water heating systems under the Rheem Solaraide brand. The systems are manufactured by Rheem's Australian subsidiary, Solahart. Combining a storage tank with one [read more]
Aeroline Expands Solar Thermal Installation Product Line
on 09 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Aeroline Tube Systems Baumann GmbH, a specialist in piping systems for solar thermal installations, has extended its product range with the addition of the Aeroline Inox Combi Split solution. The [read more]
XeroCoat Enters Market With Solar Anti-Reflective Coating
on 08 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Silicon Valley-based company XeroCoat Inc. has entered the solar energy market with a high-performing anti-reflective coating to increase conversion efficiencies and the power output of solar systems. With the XeroCoat [read more]
Rohm And Haas Releases Enhanced MOCVD Delivery System
on 01 Jul 2008 by SI Staff
Rohm and Haas has released its second-generation VaporStation central delivery system, which features several enhancements to the original version. According to the company, the new systems use the latest version [read more]
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