July 2014 - Volume 7, Number 7

Marketplace: Monitoring Solar Assets

Solar Asset Management Keeps Owners From Getting Hosed

As the solar sector matures, stakeholder needs for information on plant operations become more complex.

Industry At Large: California Solar Policy

California’s Wild Solar Ride Nears A Crossroads

Policy direction and bipartisan support are needed as the solar sector approaches a critical juncture in 2016.

Industry At Large: Solar Intellectual Property Liability

Developers Must Consider Intellectual Property Liabilities In Solar Projects

Patent litigation in the solar sector is likely to increase as more financially successful players emerge as potential targets.

Industry At Large: PV Performance Testing

Corrections Needed For PV Performance Blind Spots During Commissioning

Current codes and standards say nothing about performance testing.

Market Report: PV Manufacturing Outlook

Meyer Burger’s CEO Peter Pauli Looks To A PV Manufacturing Upswing

An easing of the two-year crisis in the solar sector heralds new expansion and cost-reduction technologies.

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