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May 2015 - Volume 8, Number 4

Industry At Large: Solar Housing Developments

Denver Authority Lets Solar Shine On Affordable Housing

City authority opens up solar benefits to low-income families through a program of retrofits and new builds.

Industry At Large: Installer Soft Costs

It’s Getting Harder For Installers To Duck Solar Soft Costs

Despite publicized efforts, a growing flock of costs is nibbling away at profits and the health of the industry.

Industry At Large: Solar For Home Builders

Solar-Ready Homes Are Lean, Green And Seen

Regulations, incentives and home buyers are pushing builders to incorporate solar as a standard feature.

Industry At Large: Deploying Distributed Energy Storage

States Need To Move Now To Prepare For Distributed Energy Storage

Growing solar and wind generation are already affecting the grid, and authorities must get out in front to pave the way.

Marketplace: Solar Smartphone Apps

Solar Smartphone Apps Are Joining The Installer’s Toolbox

The smartphone is becoming a toolbox to help developers, installers and customers interact with solar projects.

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