Enphase Energy And Hawaiian Electric Upgrade 800k Micro-Inverters

Posted by SI Staff on February 04, 2015 No Comments
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Enphase Energy Inc. says it has successfully upgraded the operating behavior of approximately 800,000 of its smart micro-inverters installed in Hawaii.

The upgrades will help to better integrate the PV systems into Hawaii's changing island grids, says Enphase.

The work is a result of ongoing collaboration between Enphase, Hawaiian Electric and other industry partners to find technical solutions for integrating high levels of PV in Hawaii at a low cost to end customers.

The companies have been working closely to determine new frequency and voltage ride-through settings that would allow rooftop solar installations to be more tolerant when a problem occurs on the grid – which, in turn, helps improve the stability of the overall grid.

Because Enphase's micro-inverters are software-defined, the company was able to make the updates remotely and quickly and did not have to send personnel out in the field to update the settings manually.

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