Genasun Releases GV-4-Li Charge Controller

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2135_gv4 Genasun Releases GV-4-Li Charge Controller Genasun has introduced its new GV-4-Li maximum power point tracking controller for use in solar power systems that feature lithium-ion batteries. The new controller includes charging methodologies optimized for lithium-ion batteries and is engineered to maximize energy harvest from solar arrays.

The GV-4-Li builds on Genasun's GV product line, which includes the GV-4, GV-6 and GV-9 for lead-acid batteries. The GV-6 and GV-9 have also long been available for lithium-ion batteries.

The GV-4-Li will be sold through, a retail store specializing in rechargeable batteries and battery chargers.

Genasun: (617) 369-9083

SOURCE: Genasun

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