IXYS Expands Super-Junction COOLMOS CP Series

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IXYS Corp. has expanded its super-junction COOLMOS CP series of MOSFETs, which are integrated in the IXYS ISOPLUS package. ISOPLUS technology gives designers a standard discrete housing with ceramic, direct copper bonded isolation that has low thermal impedance and higher reliability in power cycling than standard copper-based non-isolated products, the company says.

The IXKC15N60C5 (600 V, 0.165 ohm), IXKC19N60C5 (600 V, 0.125 ohm) and IXKC23N60C5 (600 V, 0.1 ohm) in the ISOPLUS220 and the IXKR47N60C5 (600 V, 0.045 ohm) in the ISOPLUS247 are just a few examples of low Rdson MOSFETs in isolated packages. A dual COOLMOS LKK47-06C5 (600 V, 2 x 0.045 ohm) ISOPLUS264 package is also available.

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