JinkoSolar PV Modules Meet Anti-PID Standards

Posted by Joseph Bebon on November 15, 2016 No Comments
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China-based JinkoSolar has announced that its entire portfolio of PV modules passed the 96-hour potential induced degradation (PID) resistance test under the conditions of 85 degrees C and 85% relative humidity (double 85) at +/-1,000 V, as required by IEC62804 standards, with a degradation of less than 5%. As such, JinkoSolar says it can now guarantee anti-PID under double 85 condition with the warranty of less than 5% degradation for its PV modules.

“JinkoSolar’s PV solar modules are 100 percent in compliance with double 85 anti-PID standards and offer the related warranty, which marks a milestone in anti-PID technology development of the solar industry and demonstrates our leading position in the field,” says Kangping Chen, JinkoSolar’s CEO. “We will continue to improve our anti-PID system to generate a better performance under higher voltage and other tougher conditions.”

In other company news, JinkoSolar has completed the previously announced sale of its downstream business in China.

The company has sold the 55% equity interest it indirectly held in Jiangxi JinkoSolar Engineering Co. Ltd., a developer and operator of solar power projects in China, to Shangrao Kangsheng Technology Co. Ltd., a company formed by a buyer consortium led by Xiande Li, JinkoSolar’s board chairman, for $250 million in cash.

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