Keyence Adds New Features To Vision System

Posted by SI Staff on January 20, 2012 No Comments
Categories : Products & Technology

Keyence Corp. has added new components to its XG-8000 vision system, which is used for solar cell inspection and other applications.

The system includes line-scan camera models, a high-speed triple core processor and multi-camera connectivity. Offering simultaneous operation of up to eight cameras, ultra-fast processor speed and hardware flexibility, the XG boosts production and inspection performance over that of conventional vision systems, according to the company.

High-load data processing, from five-megapixel area scan and 8K line scan cameras (capable of capturing 67-megapixel images), achieves ultra-fast performance through distributed processing across three high-speed cores. Visual LED indicators, built into Keyence line scan cameras, display received light intensities and image sharpness, thus simplifying this normally difficult and time-consuming setup process, Keyence adds.

Other features include a new HMI touch panel and trace-log function functionality.

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