Solar Project To Offset 100% Of Energy Use At Nantucket Farm

Posted by Joseph Bebon on December 06, 2016 No Comments
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Bartlett’s Farm, a family-owned farm on the island of Nantucket, Mass., has teamed up with Dynamic Energy to install a solar project that is expected to offset 100% of the farm’s energy consumption. The 595 kW solar project, located on roughly three acres, is slated for completion in April 2017.

According to the partners, energy is particularly expensive on the island, and the reduced operating expenses will help the farm further serve its customers and the community. Notably, this is not the farm’s first foray into renewable energy, as it has participated in wind energy projects as early as the 1980s.

“As a seventh-generation business, we are keenly focused on the sustainability of the farm, and renewable energy helps ensure not only stable and low operating expenses, but also promotes cleaner air and water,” says John Bartlett.

“When you work in solar, it is particularly rewarding when your projects help organizations that are actively supporting their communities and the health of the planet,” adds Andreas Schmid, vice president of business development at Dynamic Energy. “With an increasing number of acres in organic production and a long history on Nantucket, Bartlett’s Farm is a community leader and has been very exciting for us to work with.”

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