Renesas Electronics Debuts Three SiC Compound Power Devices

Posted by SI Staff on January 25, 2012 No Comments
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Renesas Electronics Corp., a provider of semiconductor products, has introduced three silicon carbide (SiC) compound power devices: the RJQ6020DPM, the RJQ6021DPM and the RJQ6022DPM.

Each incorporates multiple SiC diodes and multiple power transistors in a single package to form a power converter circuit or switching circuit. According to the company, the products are suitable for power electronics products such as solar power generation systems, as well as for other applications.

The new products have a voltage tolerance of 600 V and use an SiC diode based on low-leakage SiC-SBD technology developed jointly by Hitachi Ltd. and Renesas. They combine low loss and compactness and are available in a fully molded TO-3P package with a five-pin configuration and pin assignments optimized for specific applications, the company adds.

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