Shuttleworth Develops Automation Solutions For Solar PV Manufacturers

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Shuttleworth Inc., a conveyor-automation and material-handling machinery manufacturer, has introduced solutions directed specifically to the solar panel manufacturing industry.

Shuttleworth says its conveyors' surfaces can be customized to gently convey large flat sheets of glass typically used in the manufacturing of solar panel modules. Each system can be designed to interface easily with robots and other automation equipment. Also, a number of custom devices and mechanisms can be integrated into the conveyor surface to stop, transfer, rotate or raise panels for inspection.

Additionally, the company's Slip-Torque roller allows manufacturers to transport products smoothly without marking or damaging them, as well as to accumulate them gently. The modular conveyor design is complimented by engineered solutions for rotating, inverting, lifting, lowering and buffering.

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SOURCE: Shuttleworth

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