Suniva’s Ground-Mounted Solar Technology Powers Another Wastewater Facility

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15680_thinkstockphotos-109592840 Suniva's Ground-Mounted Solar Technology Powers Another Wastewater Facility Manufacturer Suniva has made the use of ground-mounted solar technology to power wastewater-treatment facilities something of a cottage industry. In fact, add Fernandina Beach, Fla., as the latest municipality to use its technology.

According to Suniva, the municipality installed a small beta system on its wastewater treatment center in 2010. After realizing the benefits of the system, Fernandina Beach decided on a larger Suniva ground-mounted array to further reduce its electricity costs and safeguard a long-term, stable power source.

The concept of using clean energy to power wastewater facilities has gained a lot of interest, notes Suniva. The company recently installed the Sunshine State's first-of-its-kind solar-powered water treatment plant in Coleman, Florida.Â

In addition to the two wastewater treatment centers in Florida, Suniva powers the 5 MW array at the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission wastewater treatment center in Maryland and the 1.9 MW array at the water reclamation facility in Cary, N.C.

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