Sunrun Expands BrightBox Solar+Storage Offering To Calif. Market

Posted by Joseph Bebon on December 14, 2016 No Comments
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After initially launching its Sunrun BrightBox solar-plus-storage solution in Hawaii earlier this year, residential solar provider Sunrun Inc. is now making the solution available to homeowners across California.

According to the company, Sunrun BrightBox is a solar-plus-storage service that offers homeowners peace of mind during power outages by backing up the electrical circuits that matter most to homeowners. BrightBox also saves homeowners money by optimizing when a home uses electricity generated directly from the home’s solar system, stored in the battery, or sourced from the grid, resulting in maximum control over electricity bills, the company adds. Sunrun will maintain, monitor and insure the system for 20 years. Systems are available through a monthly or prepaid lease.

“Building on the successful launch of BrightBox in Hawaii, we are thrilled to offer Sunrun BrightBox to California homeowners who’ve been the leaders in adopting clean energy at scale,” says Lynn Jurich, CEO of Sunrun. “We will continue to innovate and deploy services that will further help our customers obtain smarter energy options to ensure they enjoy the comfortable homes they deserve at lower energy costs. Importantly, with innovations such as BrightBox, we hope to forge new relationships with utilities as we work with them to maximize the value of solar energy in modernizing America’s energy infrastructure.”

Sunrun says that as California moves toward a time-of-use (TOU) rate structure, BrightBox will provide consumers with new ways to manage their energy consumption, allowing homeowners the capability to time shift when they use solar energy to minimize paying peak rate energy prices.

Michael Grasso, chief marketing officer of Sunrun, adds, “The backup capability ensures you will have several hours of power for important appliances and electronics even when your local electricity grid goes down.”

Sunrun says it plans to launch BrightBox in more states in the coming year.

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