Sunverge Introduces AC-Coupled Energy Storage System

Posted by Joseph Bebon on December 08, 2016 No Comments
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California-based Sunverge Energy has announced the immediate availability of an AC-coupled model of its energy storage product.

Offered to renewable energy installers and electric utility partners, the AC-coupled version of the company’s flagship Solar Integration System (SIS) provides the quality, reliability and safety of the original DC-coupled model, but with the flexibility of easy attachment to new or existing PV systems, according to the company. Leaving the existing PV system and inverter in place, the Sunverge AC-coupled SIS provides both storage and control.

According to the company, AC coupling allows DC power from rooftop PV installations to flow first through a grid-tied inverter to critical AC loads that are always “on,” powering them before delivering excess energy to charge the SIS storage unit. In the case of a grid outage, both the PV array and battery storage are available to power the critical loads directly. AC-coupled systems also export a customer’s excess solar energy to the grid and, like DC-coupled systems, allow utilities to integrate that storage with units at other locations, creating a “virtual power plant” that can supply other grid customers.

The company says the AC-coupled product comes in battery capacity options ranging from 7.7 kWh to 19.4 kWh, and the system is certified to UL, NEMA and IEC safety standards.

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