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Federal Court Dismisses Challenge To New York’s Clean Energy Standard

Posted by Joseph Bebon on July 26, 2017

A federal court says that New York’s plan to advance clean energy and reduce climate pollution is constitutional, according to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). On Tuesday, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed a [Read More]

Court Ruling Affirms States’ Authority On Renewable Energy Policy

Written by Miles Farmer on July 17, 2017

States’ authority to enact clean energy policy was significantly bolstered last week in an important federal district court decision. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois dismissed a challenge from fossil fuel companies that objected to an Illinois [Read More]

Renewables Can ‘No Doubt’ Replace N.Y. Nuclear Plant

Posted by Joseph Bebon on February 23, 2017

Electricity generation from the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) nuclear plant, located north of New York City, is capable of being replaced predominantly with renewable energy and energy-efficiency resources at a reasonable cost, according to new findings from utility industry [Read More]

NextEra Plans 100 MW Solar Project Next To Wis. Nuclear Plant

Posted by Joseph Bebon on January 31, 2017

NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc., has announced plans to build a 100 MW solar project next to its existing nuclear power plant in Wisconsin. The company says the solar facility will be among the state’s largest, [Read More]

EIA: Renewables Accounted For Majority Of New U.S. Capacity In 2016

Posted by Joseph Bebon on January 11, 2017

Although the concrete data for the final months of last year isn’t in yet, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) says it expects renewable generation capacity to have accounted for most of the 2016 capacity additions in the country. In [Read More]

Renewables Industry ‘More Than Ready’ For N.Y. Nuclear Plant Closure

Posted by Joseph Bebon on January 09, 2017

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, D-N.Y., has announced the closure of a 2 GW nuclear power plant in New York by April 2021. Renewable energy advocates have applauded the decision and say it provides an opportunity to further bolster solar and [Read More]

Solar Market Benefits From Illinois ‘Nuclear Bailout’ Bill

Joseph Bebon
Written by Joseph Bebon on December 06, 2016

“While the fate of Exelon’s aging nuclear power plants got a lot of the attention, there are positive elements to the legislation,” says Vote Solar.

ComEd Removes Controversial Plans From Illinois Energy Bill

Posted by Joseph Bebon on November 23, 2016

Illinois-based utility Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and parent company Exelon have committed to remove some controversial provisions from a large energy bill they are backing, including mandatory demand charges and changes to net energy metering (NEM). The decision came shortly after [Read More]

Chernobyl, Site Of Nuclear Disaster, To Get Solar Power Makeover

Posted by Joseph Bebon on November 21, 2016

Two Chinese companies plan to start constructing a massive solar PV project in Chernobyl, Ukraine – home of the infamous nuclear power plant disaster – next year. In a press release, GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd. (GCL-SI), a subsidiary [Read More]

PG&E Officially Files Proposal To Shut Down Nuclear Plant

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 12, 2016

California is one step closer to becoming nuclear free, as utility Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E), along with labor and leading environmental groups, has officially filed a joint proposal to phase out the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) with [Read More]