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Utilities Work To Keep Up With An Ever-Changing Grid

Written by K Kaufmann on August 07, 2017

“[W]e know the riskiest place to be is to take no risk at all,” said one utility exec at SEPA’s recent Grid Evolution Summit.

Massive BIPV Project Completed At Chinese Shipyard

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 07, 2017

Asia Clean Capital Ltd. (ACC) has connected a 19 MW building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) project to the grid at the Tsuneishi Zhoushan shipyard in China. ACC, which invested in and built the installation, claims this represents the largest completed BIPV project [Read More]

Hawaiian Electric Plays Matchmaker For Project Developers And Landowners

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 07, 2017

To help achieve Hawaii’s renewable energy goals, Hawaiian Electric recently sought out landowners to determine their willingness to host renewable energy projects. As a result of that effort, the utility company says it has compiled a list of potential sites [Read More]

Fronius USA Inverters Receive Rule 21 Certification

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 07, 2017

Fronius USA recently received UL certification for California’s Rule 21 inverter requirements, which are required in California for new net energy metering (NEM) applications from Sept. 8. As Fronius explains, Rule 21 refers to the generator interconnection requirements of each [Read More]

N.Y. Communities Benefit From Expansion Of Solarize Campaigns

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 04, 2017

On Thursday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, D-N.Y., announced that 850 solar projects have been installed or are in development in communities across New York through the second round of locally organized “Solarize” campaigns. Launched by the governor in December 2014, [Read More]

SEIA Adds Three Companies To Its Board Of Directors

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 04, 2017

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has announced the addition of three companies to the national trade group’s board of directors: Tradewind Energy Inc., a Kansas City-based developer of utility-scale wind and solar projects; DEPCOM Power, a development, engineering, procurement, [Read More]

Solar Developer Wins N.C. Court Appeal After Permit Denial

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 04, 2017

In a unanimous decision, the North Carolina Court of Appeals recently held that the application for issuance of a conditional use permit (CUP) by Innovative Solar 55 LLC (IS 55) to construct a solar farm was wrongfully denied by the [Read More]

Another Pro-Solar Bill Dies In Maine

Joseph Bebon
Written by Joseph Bebon on August 03, 2017

For the second consecutive time, state lawmakers narrowly failed to override the governor’s veto of compromise legislation meant to help boost rooftop solar.

Global Energy Storage Market Poised For Strong Growth

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 03, 2017

The global grid-connected energy storage market remains poised for growth, with the market outlook strengthening until 2025, when it will reach a total installed base of 52 GW, according to a new research note from IHS Markit. Authored by Julian [Read More]

Dominion Energy Adds To North Carolina Solar Portfolio

Posted by Joseph Bebon on August 03, 2017

Dominion Energy has acquired two 5 MW solar generating facilities in North Carolina, as well as announced plans to purchase two other solar farms totaling approximately 10 MW in the state, from subsidiaries of Chapel Hill, N.C.-based Strata Solar. Dominion [Read More]