Advertising Opportunities

Are you looking for targeted online impressions to solar professionals? Looking to generate a measurable response?


Advertising Opportunities

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions then Solar Industrys online opportunities are for you!

Online advertising is an important part of a successful marketing plan, and Solar Industry offers a number of ways to help increase your reach and drive traffic to your site.



Advertising Opportunities

Website/Latest News Headlines Email Bundle

This bundled product allows you to reach our audience in two ways:

  1. Your banner ad rotates on our website, where our daily news updates keep our audience engaged and involved.
  2. Your banner also rotates in our Latest News Headlines Emails, delivered to over 16,000 readers twice a week.

For advertising rates, request a media kit here.

Advertising Opportunities

Email Newsletter Leaderboard

This large leaderboard-sized ad appears only in our Latest News Headlines newsletter, delivered to over 16,000 email addresses twice every week. This product is sold on a per-issue basis; minimum buy is 4 issues.

Advertising Opportunities


Each week, readers receive a timely feature article written by our editorial staff and not reprinted in the magazine. The E-Feature contains entirely original content. Advertising space is very limited, so be sure to reserve space early. Minimum 3 months buy.

View the E-Feature ad specs here.

Advertising Opportunities


This is a single sponsorship opportunity that is emailed to 16,000 readers. The E-Focus is an editorial piece contributed by the client on a single subject of the client’s choice. (We reserve the right to edit and/or remove any content.) The sponsor receives ad space within the text, at the top of the page and byline.

View the E-Focus ad specs here.



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