AlsoEnergy Unveils PowerLogger 1000 For Commercial PV Monitoring

Colorado-based AlsoEnergy has introduced a new standard gateway for its commercial PV monitoring solution: the PowerLogger 1000.

The company says the interactive datalogger adds a rugged interactive touch-screen LCD display, which allows workers to commission, bus test, and troubleshoot without the need to interface with a laptop computer or mobile device. This feature, along with an automated configuration process, will enable field workers to cut commissioning and maintenance time by more than half, claims AlsoEnergy. Furthermore, the company says many device diagnostics and configurations can be executed remotely with the AlsoEnergy commercial PV monitoring solution, eliminating the need for some field visits altogether.

The PowerLogger 1000 comes with practical upgrades, as well. The device more than doubles the processing speed of the previous standard gateway from AlsoEnergy, enabling new applications. The PowerLogger 1000 has a wider operational temperature range than previous gateway models, and lower power consumption enables a longer UPS backup window.

“We continue to invest in engineering to stay on the cutting edge of hardware technology,” says AlsoEnergy CEO Robert Schaefer. “The PowerLogger 1000 is our latest effort to simplify the installation and maintenance of commercial PV monitoring systems for our clients.”

The PowerLogger 1000 records data in real time from various field devices, including weather stations, inverters, trackers and meters. Data is retained in the PowerLogger in the event of a network interruption and forwarded to AlsoEnergy data servers when the connection is re-established.

“Our team has already deployed the PowerLogger 1000 in the field,” says Dennis W. Odden, president of Bay4 Energy Services. “Our field engineers save time with the convenience of the touch-screen display and the simple process for network configuration and testing. This device is a big step forward for site hardware solutions.”


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