AMSC Unveils Volt/VAR Optimization Solution

Energy technology provider AMSC has launched D-VAR VVO, a new volt/VAR optimization solution designed to help utilities mitigate power quality issues on the distribution power grid for increased solar capacity and to support conservation voltage reduction management.

The company says D-VAR VVO not only manages current power quality concerns, but also expands grid capacity for distributed generation, reacting seamlessly to cloud pass or changing wind speeds across the distribution grid.

“Our new VVO platform is designed to help bring stability to a chaotic distribution grid,” comments Daniel P. McGahn, president and CEO of AMSC. “I am excited about the launch of our VVO solution to the electric utility market. D-VAR VVO represents 15 years of experience in volt/VAR innovation on the transmission network now formatted to stabilize modern distribution networks. This is a testament to our commitment to providing the world with smarter, cleaner, better energy and our mission to enable utilities to keep on beat with consumer trends, such as residential solar and electric vehicles.”

AMSC says D-VAR VVO is designed to mitigate the power quality issues that often result from distributed generation (DG) adoption at a specific, pole-mounted location on a feeder system, supporting neighborhoods, not individual households. This allows for the stabilization of distribution lines while maintaining installation flexibility to alleviate site-specific DG power quality concerns wherever they arise. Additionally, the company continues, D-VAR VVO systems can be tailored to meet unique customer needs and are scalable to accommodate changing grid conditions.


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