ArcelorMittal, Grupo OPDE Establish PV Development Partnership

ArcelorMittal Construccion Espana and Spain-based Grupo OPDE have signed a commercial agreement to develop PV projects on industrial buildings and parking structures.

ArcelorMittal offers three different solutions for rooftop photovoltaic installations on industrial buildings, canopies and fixed structures: Kalipso SP, Kalipso light and Eklips SP y Kassiope. Under the agreement, PROINSO, which is part of the Grupo OPDE, will add these products to its catalog, which is supplied to the company's network of 1,272 installers in 48 countries.

In addition, ArcelorMittal will offer its customers with new industrial buildings the option for OPDE to rent their rooftop to develop, promote, construct and finance photovoltaic projects.



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