California Church Deems Rooftop Solar ‘The Right Choice’

Ra Power & Light has designed and installed a 191 kW rooftop solar system for Cross Point Church, a Christian Reformed Church located in Chino, Calif.

Ra Power & Light, which designs, installs and maintains solar systems across Southern California, says the installation of 767 Hyundai solar modules will produce roughly 60% of the church and pre-school’s annual electricity needs.

In addition, Cross Point, whose Chino facilities total 70,000 square feet, is expected to generate peak energy worth more than $61,000 the first year, says Ra Power & Light CEO Michael Campbell. “Doing business with faith-based organizations who give so much back to local communities is a privilege,” adds Campbell.

“Our energy-related operating costs have continued to go up,” explains John Voortman, Cross Point board president. “Switching to solar was the right choice because of the economics, as well as doing our part in the community to become environmentally responsible.”


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