California Farming Company Doubles Down On Solar

Live Oak Farms, a family-owned grower, packer and shipper of California-grown tomatoes and peppers, has announced the completion of its new 632 kW solar array in Merced County, Calif. Cenergy Power built the ground-mounted system, which features 2,040 solar panels and is designed to offset 100% of the electricity load of eight aggregated meters for Live Oak’s irrigation usage.

The newly installed project is actually an expansion of a previously installed 272 kW roof-mounted system by Cenergy Power for Live Oak Farms in 2011. The initial roof-mounted system was designed to offset the majority of electric load from Live Oak’s packing and shipping facility in Le Grand. The new project brings Live Oak’s total solar capacity to 904 kW.

“We at Live Oak are sincere about our sustainability efforts and therefore constantly find ways to improve our best practices and further reduce our carbon footprint,” says Bob Giampaoli, CEO at Live Oak Farms. “After verifying several years of solar production from our existing system, it proved to be on track. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Cenergy Power and hope to expand further as we continue to grow at Live Oak Farms.”

“This expansion is yet another example of Live Oak’s continued commitment to the environment and sustainable farming practices,” says Bill Pham, CEO of Cenergy Power. “We have been impressed with Live Oak’s sensitivity to their carbon footprint, and so we’re pleased to deliver this solar expansion that will benefit their company both environmentally and economically.”


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