Canadian Solar Enters 2.1 MW Project Agreement


Canadian Solar Inc. has been awarded a contract to provide solar panels for a new 2.1 MW solar power installation at St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. The project, which is scheduled to begin construction in October, is being developed by Sun Farm Network.

The hospital will invest $9 million in the project and is expected to realize substantial savings in its energy cost over the next several decades, Canadian Solar says. Economic benefits from the project include revenue from New Jersey's solar renewable energy credit program, a federal tax credit and substantially reduced electricity costs. Public Service Electric and Gas Co., the local utility, has helped finance the project through its solar loan program.

Comprising nearly 10,000 Canadian Solar 6P 240P solar panels, the installation will produce roughly 2.3 GWh of energy per year, according to Canadian Solar. The installation will consist of six separate solar arrays: two rooftop arrays, three parking lot solar canopies and a further solar canopy on the top deck of a multi-floor parking structure.

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