Canadian Solar Launches PV Module With 19.5% Efficient ELPS Technology


Canadian Solar Inc. has introduced new solar modules incorporating the company's ELPS (‘efficient, long-term photovoltaic solution’) PV cell technology. According to Canadian Solar, the ELPS technology enables cell conversion efficiencies of up to 19.5%.

The new ELPS technology is based on the metal-wrap-through architecture whereby the front side electrode is moved to the back. Moving the electrical connections to the back allows more of the front surface to become exposed to sunlight, resulting in a significant efficiency increase, Canadian Solar says.

At the module level, ELPS allows interconnection on one side, which reduces module series resistance and increases the fill factor, resulting in higher power output. ELPS cell technology is expected to also reduce production cost per watt through increased manufacturing output yield per hour, the company adds.

The new solar modules are available both as a monocrystalline and as a polycrystalline version, achieving power output of up to 265 W. Shipping of modules with ELPS technology is planned to start in the fourth quarter of this year.

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