Canadian Solar Launches T4 PV Connector In North America

Canadian Solar Inc. has introduced the T4 PV Connector portfolio to the North American market.

According to the company, the T4 PV Connector is a field-installable PV connector manufactured by TLIAN, a subsidiary of Canadian Solar established in December 2014. The T4 Connector has been in production since May 2015, after being granted double certification per IEC62852/UL6703 standards, and Canadian Solar says over 12 million connectors have already been deployed in field installations.

The T4 Connector is certified for UL 1,500 V system voltage and has an IP68 rating for ingress protection for water/humidity. In addition, Canadian Solar says the connector portfolio supports a broad operating temperature range to allow the usage in very hot climates such as the Middle East, Central America and others. The NEC-compliant locking mechanism secures against vandalism and against unplugging under load for maximum safety and protection, the company adds.

“We are very pleased to introduce the T4 PV Connector portfolio and all related tools and accessories to the North American market,” says Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar. “This high-quality, field-installable connector addresses our customers’ need to have reliable and cost-effective connectors, complementing our 1,500 V system.”


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