Chinese Companies Register Opposition To Finalized Solar Tariffs


Several solar manufacturers are speaking out against the newly finalized tariffs placed on solar products exported from China. Following the U.S. International Trade Commission's (ITC) final decision that Chinese trade practices have ‘materially harmed’ the U.S. solar manufacturing industry, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Suntech and Yingli have all reiterated their opposition to the trade action.

Canadian Solar said in a statement that while it is relieved the ‘lengthy and costly legal suit’ has ended, the company opposes the ITC's final ruling.

‘As a global company serving customers in 50 countries, Canadian Solar has consistently adhered to fair trading practices around the world,’ said Dr. Shawn Qu, chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar, in the statement. ‘Earlier protectionist tariffs indicate this action simply displaces sales to alternate foreign exporters and is expected to cost U.S. jobs. The tariff is counterproductive to resolving issues on both sides, and we'd like to see both governments engage in discussions to find workable solutions.’

Trina Solar said is currently evaluating whether to appeal these final determinations issued by the ITC. In the meantime, the company – which noted that it is ‘disppointed’Â in the ruling – does not anticipate disruptions to its contractual obligations.

E.L. McDaniel, managing director of Suntech America, criticized SolarWorld – which led the filing of the October 2011 trade complaint that led to the tariffs – for allegedly harming the broader industry.

‘The continued growth of trade barriers represents a serious challenge to the U.S. solar industry, for American jobs, and for energy consumers globally,’ McDaniel said in a statement. ‘SolarWorld's hypocritical campaign has forced the fast-growing American solar industry to foot the bill for SolarWorld's competitive failures.’

Yingli Solar also registered its disappointment, noting that the U.S. trade case is not the only global conflict in the solar market.

‘Although today's decision was partially favorable for Yingli, we are saddened to see the global ramifications of this case,’ said Liangsheng Miao, chairman and CEO of Yingli, in a statement. ‘We are in the midst of a global trade war now, and Europe will be defending itself vigorously in the footsteps of the U.S. decision.’

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