City Of Lancaster And sPower Finish 10 MW Solar Project

The City of Lancaster, Calif., and sPower, an independent energy producer, have announced the completion of the Western Antelope Dry Ranch solar power facility. The new project is now producing 10 MW of solar energy for the city’s Lancaster Choice Energy (LCE) utility, which was created to offer local residents and businesses a viable alternative to traditional investor-owned utilities that provides more affordable rates and higher renewable energy content.

In August 2016, the city joined Salt Lake City-based sPower to break ground on the Western Antelope Dry Ranch project. Over the past few months, a crew of approximately 80 workers installed more than 41,000 photovoltaic modules on tracking mounts. Now that the facility is operational, it is expected to provide enough renewable energy to power more than 1,800 homes in Lancaster, ensuring low energy costs for LCE customers while also advancing the city’s Zero Net Energy goals.

“The completion of sPower’s first renewable energy project specifically for LCE is a truly momentous milestone,” says Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “sPower has been, and continues to be, an innovative partner in Lancaster’s efforts to become a Zero Net Energy City.”


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