Clean Power Finance Launches SREC Trading Service


Clean Power Finance, a solar sales software provider and developer of a marketplace for residential solar financing, has introduced the CPF Capital & Trading service.

The service is designed to allow Clean Power Finance partners to take advantage of solar renewable energy credit (SREC) value in New Jersey, Massachusetts and other states with aggressive solar carve-out programs.

According to the company, the service is expected to allow for the efficient buying and selling of SRECs and provide meaningful liquidity that translates into more attractive financing products for residential solar consumers.

‘CPF Capital & Trading will provide solutions to reduce the commodity exposure for our funds and financing customers,’ says Kristian Hanelt, senior vice president of renewable capital markets at Clean Power Finance.

To help design and deploy the service, Clean Power Finance has hired Paul Joyce as director of environmental markets. He previously served as head of trading at 3Degrees Group Inc., a REC sales, trading and advisory firm.

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