Clemson University Rolls Out Solar-Powered Mobile Health Clinic

Odulair LLC, a manufacturer of mobile health clinics, has provided a 100% solar-powered mobile clinic to Clemson University. The Clemson University Joseph F. Sullivan Center will use the clinic for outreach efforts to underserved populations across South Carolina. It will provide immediate care and breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Odulair notes the solar mobile clinic does not require or include a generator, as everything in the clinic is powered by the company’s proprietary Solanda Mobile Solar System. The system consists of rooftop photovoltaic panels and an integrated 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack for energy storage. Odulair says the clinic also uses a direct-current HVAC system, similar to bullet trains, increasing energy efficiency by 30%.

Dr. Paula Watt, director of the Sullivan Center, explains, “The mobile clinic’s benefit is twofold: It allows the center to effectively reach underserved communities and demonstrate the unique challenges in caring for vulnerable patients to Clemson students. We did immeasurable homework on what we wanted; this vehicle is truly a dream come true for me and our staff.”

“We’ve all dreamed of using solar power for years,” says Dr. Anita Chambers, president of Odulair. “Mobile clinics are required to operate in remote locations, and solar power is a huge improvement. Eliminating the generator eliminates the noise, vibration, and unhealthy noxious fumes – while significantly reducing mobile clinic maintenance and operations costs.”


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