Cogenra, Tucson Electric Power Partner On Solar Cogeneration Array


Cogenra Solar, a provider of distributed solar systems, is collaborating with Technicians For Sustainability and Tucson Electric Power to build a solar cogeneration array at the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson.

Cogenra's solar cogeneration solution provides both heat and electric energy. The system will comprise 50 Cogenra SunDeck modules located on the roof of the Villa De Puente dormitory. The roof-mounted array will supply hot water and electricity to fuel daily needs such as laundering, showering and lighting.

‘With solar cogeneration, PV waste heat is harvested to provide domestic hot water needs, displacing valuable natural gas while cooling the PV cells for optimal performance in the desert conditions,’ says Dr. Gilad Almogy, CEO of Cogenra.

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