CT Green Bank Funds Solar Projects At College Campuses

The Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) has partnered with Current by GE, SunLight Solar Energy and Connecticut Green Bank to install solar systems at three college campuses in the state.

Construction is scheduled to begin at Manchester Community College, Middlesex Community College and Southern Connecticut State University in late fall. The goal is to bring solar to several other Connecticut campuses in the next two years.

The initiative is funded entirely with private capital sourced by Connecticut Green Bank.

“The Connecticut Green Bank is thrilled to be supporting CSCU’s efforts to go green,” says Bryan Garcia, president and CEO of Connecticut Green Bank. “By not only installing solar energy systems across multiple campuses at once but using private capital to finance the projects, CSCU will be saving significant dollars for the state.”

Amol Kapur, Current by GE’s business development manager for the CSCU portfolio, adds, “CSCU is demonstrating the value of bringing together engineering, technology and finance to support both business and sustainability goals.”


  1. I’d like to speak/interview someone about solar array installations, how architects/installers work with the community to keep them aesthetically pleasing, to the natural surroundings, fencing, buffer zone landscaping etc.

    Thank you.


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