Darn It! Inc. Taps Beaumont Solar To Nearly Double Rooftop Array

Beaumont Solar, a full-service solar developer and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company, and Darn It! Inc., a family-operated distribution and refurbishment business located in New Bedford, Mass., have partnered once again on a successful solar installation.

Back in 2011, Darn It! Inc. President Jeff Glassman selected Beaumont Solar to fully engineer, procure and install a 281.6 kW roof-mounted solar system on his 1903 mill building. It was the largest commercial solar rooftop in the New Bedford at that time, according to Beaumont Solar.

Seeing first-hand the utility savings the solar system was providing, Glassman once again contacted Beaumont Solar to expand his system by an additional 234.5 kW to further offset his utility costs.

“For a facility the size of ours and the volume of business we accommodate, our utility costs became a big problem for us. Solar is the solution for that problem,” says Glassman. “The building has a huge flat roof, and it’s in the sun all day, so solar made perfect sense. The first system worked out so well, and I still had plenty of available roof space. I realized, ‘Why not get rid of even more of our electric costs by calling up Beaumont and seeing if we could add more solar? I can make even more of my own power, gain further control over my energy usage and invest that money somewhere else.’” And so, the call was made.

“One of the concerns Mr. Glassman had was how the changing [solar renewable energy credit (SREC)] values and regulated deadlines would affect the financial picture of installing the second system. But our financial team prepared a full, comprehensive analysis and assured Mr. Glassman that we could not only secure him an SREC reservation, and a net metering reservation, but that our design and construction team would complete the project in ample time,” says Phillip Cavallo, president and CEO of Beaumont Solar.

True to its word, Beaumont finished the project well ahead of all financial deadlines, and Glassman had the permission to operate the second system from the utility company in his hands by this past April.


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