Delta Energy Systems Debuts New Solivia Solar Inverters


Delta Energy Systems GmbH has introduced new versions of its Solivia PV inverters. The current European Solivia EU G3 inverters will be replaced by the EU G4 models beginning next year.

These models will be compliant with the latest low-voltage directive (VDE AR N 4105) and the mid-voltage directive (BDEW), the company says. They are designed to help stabilize the grid with static voltage stability, dynamic grid support (fault ride-through) and power reduction.

The new Solivia 11 EU G4 TR is a three-phase, high-efficiency transformer-based string inverter with an output power of 11 kW and a peak efficiency of 96.5%. The model complements the company's existing string inverter product line with an output power ranging between 2.5 kW and 5 kW, Delta says.

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