DuPont Initiates Production Of PVF Resins At N.C. Facility

DuPont says that production of polyvinyl fluoride polymer (PVF) resin has begun at the company's Fayetteville, N.C., facility. The manufacturing steps in making Tedlar film include producing vinyl fluoride monomer, which is converted into polyvinyl fluoride polymer resins, and extruded to make Tedlar film.

Increasing production at Fayetteville is part of the previously announced multiphase $295 million investment by DuPont to more than double Tedlar film capacity. DuPont says start-up of this second production line for PVF resins at Fayetteville enables DuPont to provide higher volumes of Tedlar film through next year.

Beyond that, additional Tedlar film production is expected to begin at the company's Circleville, Ohio, facility in September 2011.



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