DuPont, Oerlikon Develop New Solar Encapsulant

DuPont and Oerlikon Solar have collaborated on the DuPont PV5223 – a new, ultra-thin white reflective solar photovoltaic encapsulant sheet that is part of the DuPont PV5200 series.

According to the companies, the PV5223 white reflective polyvinyl butyral (PVB) encapsulant enables easier manufacturing of next-generation thin-film photovoltaic modules that reflect more sunlight back through the module, thus delivering more power.

Designed for use with Oerlikon Solar's Micromorph technology, the DuPont PV5223 white reflective PVB encapsulant sheet increases light reflectivity by more than 50% versus paint, to an almost perfect 94% reflectivity, the companies state. The new ultra-thin (0.45 mm) encapsulant also is more than 40% lighter in weight than traditional 0.76 mm PVB encapsulants.

DuPont: (302) 774-1000



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