Electronics Distributor Smith Enters Solar Market

Houston-based Smith, a global distributor of electronic components and semiconductors, has expanded into the solar industry through its acquisition of ONTILITY’s solar distribution and service business. ONTILITY, a wholesale distributor of solar equipment and provider of solar design and consulting services, will now be operating under Smith’s direction and control.

ONTILITY brings Smith over seven years of experience in the distribution and support of solar products such as solar modules, inverters, racking, and balance-of-system material. Smith says ONTILITY’s customer base of solar installers, contractors, and developers will continue to grow under the new leadership.

“I see incredible opportunity for Smith and for ONTILITY,” says Lee Ackerley, co-founder of Smith. “ONTILITY’s strategic partnerships will allow Smith to emerge as a leader within the solar industry. Smith’s global presence, IT infrastructure, financial stability, and premier facilities will add to ONTILITY’s momentum in the solar market.”

Smith says its growth into the solar market also reflects the organization’s corporate culture surrounding environmental sustainability. Operations at Smith’s Houston headquarters run partially on renewable energy generated by a full solar photovoltaic system.

“Smith is proud to be an industry leader in sustainability, in both our offices and our supply-chain operations worldwide,” says Art Figueroa, environmental director of Smith. “Smith’s dedication to thinking, acting, and operating green makes our expansion into the solar market a cultural fit as well as a strategic move.”


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