Entergy Mississippi Flips Switch On Solar Pilot Project

Entergy Mississippi Inc. has dedicated the third and final site in the utility’s Bright Future pilot solar system.

The Hinds solar site is a ground-mounted system that tracks the sun’s movement throughout the day to produce up to 500 kW of electricity. It is part of a pilot project to collect data and help determine the economics and feasibility of solar generation in Mississippi. Entergy Mississippi says the study results will help guide comparisons of solar generation to other generation options in the utility’s service area. It will also help provide insight into the more optimal locational and technical details of future solar projects.

“This installation, along with ones in Lincoln and DeSoto Counties, are the first-ever utility-owned projects in the state,” says Haley Fisackerly, Entergy Mississippi president and CEO. “Soon, these three sites will give us answers to questions that will help us prepare for the future.”

The three sites combined will produce 1,500 kW of electricity (500 kW each), which is enough electricity to power the equivalent of 175 homes. While the Hinds solar site is a tracking system, the DeSoto and Lincoln sites are fixed-tilt arrays.

The Bright Future pilot solar system is part of the Bright Future plan, a blueprint for Mississippi’s electric service needs through 2025. Approved by the Mississippi Public Service Commission, the plan is designed to improve reliability, modernize the grid, maintain an adequate workforce, stabilize rates, use new technologies and attract new industry.


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