ersol Teams With Renusol On Thin-Film PV Mounting System


ersol Thin Film GmbH, a subsidiary of ersol Solar Energy AG, and Renusol GmbH, a company of CENTROSOLAR Group AG, have signed a cooperative agreement to co-develop a special system to mount ersol's Nova-T series of thin-film modules. The new system will be based on Renusol's construction for the flat-roof installation of crystalline solar modules.

This patented mounting system will be available in combination with ersol's thin-film modules in the 1.30 meter x 1.10 meter format for the first time. The Renusol flat-roof mounting system allows for the installation of solar modules on rooftops of industrial and residential buildings without the need for penetration of the sensitive roof covering, the companies state. Instead, a plastic vat is weighted down with gravel or concrete slabs and fitted with a photovoltaic module.

SOURCE: ersol

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